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Step by Step Guidance, Procrastination Busting Advice & Mindset Strategies To Finish Your PhD.

Thesis and Dissertation Coaching

Feeling stuck in your dissertaion process? Don’t know where to start? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Our free resources are available to get you from stuck to success. From grounded to graduated.

Career Building

Many PhD students seldom think through the process to their life beyond the PhD. Here we’ll provide a holistic plan …that starts before selecting the right thesis supervisor.

Stop Delaying Your Success

Unleash Your Inner Doctor. Say Hello to A PhD FINISHER

Poor organisation, lack of self-discipline, loneliness, fear of failure, an inexperienced supervisor, a divorce, illness,   death —a 1001 other things can derail your dissertation writing process. Temporarily. If you let it. The good news is that others have faced similar challenges and finished. You can too. If you’ve missed your initial goal, try again. This site is for you.

Step by step guidance

Unpacking the dissertation writing process

Cultivating the mindset of a dissertation finisher

Free checklists, ebooks, guides, audio books (coming soon)


Writing your PhD

A PhD has to be written in a very particular way because it is a genre on its own.

Getting Your Head Straight

Mindset is the only factor that distinguishes dissertation finishers from dissertation flunkers.

Taking Care of Yourself

While a PhD is significant, it is still only ONE part of your life. Your life is bigger.

Plotting Your Career Path

You’ve graduated. Now what? It might be too late to ask this question only now.

 Is Dissertation Coaching For You?

You are here because you realize you need help. To this end there are plenty of high value, relevant free and paid information and resources. Some advice will be helpful to any masters or doctoral student irrespective of discipline. However, there are limitations. See the adjacent FAQ to the right.

Is the content relevant for the natural sciences?

Yes, some of it. But the bulk of it probably not. All postgraduate researchers face the same psychological challenges, fear, isolation, overwhelm, loneliness etc. Here the section on mindset may be of value. Methodologically, definitely not. Those doing qualitative research, in the area of the humanities should benefit from this site. This shortcoming is due to my own area of expertise being humanities and more narrowly in biblical studies.

What about statistical studies?

You are no doubt the expert when it comes to that. This site offers motivation content, guidelines and technical writing. Your supervisor will be the expert in the nitty gritty science component of your research. This site is intended to provide coaching support rather than pure technical advise. 

Do you offer 1 on 1 personal coaching?

Unfortunately not (perhaps at a later stage). I’m still in academia. I do coaching work with my own students in private and for free. This site is intended to supplement my coaching —life gets busy as you no doubt will appreciate—and this site enables me to help more students by making it available as a resource.

Will you read my research?

Sorry, no can do. That is not the intention with this site. But more importantly, I can impossibly be expected to demonstrate expertise in the varied and multifaceted nuances of postgraduate research or higher degrees studies even just in the humanities (and neither can any other academic I know- unless of course I’ve been hanging out with the wrong crowd).

Do the courses come with a results guarantee?

99% of the content is mahala (mahala is a South African word meaning nada, gratis, verniet). There may be a tiny percentage of paid content (to recover my cost for content acquisition and creation, site maintenance, hosting fees, security and admin support. But I don’t offer any results guarantee because nobody can guarantee that anyone will do anything. The results are up to you. When I’ve had coaching clients (previously)-they graduated; or became authors; or learnt to develop alternative streams of income. The content on this site, when applied, will yield positive results for you. I offer a royal road to useful knowledge through carefully structured education, but I can’t guarantee how you will use that knowledge, if at all. That is entirely your responsibility.

About Us

Quantum PhD Provides A Supporting Environment for Doctoral and Masters Students Who Must Juggle Life, Jobs, Families, Crises and Fun To Finish Their Studies And Graduate Faster Despite Set-backs. Learn More…

Dr AyGee (as he is affectionately known), the editor in chief, founded Quantum PhD to empower doctoral and masters students, primarily within the South African higher education context with mindset and writing strategies he learned and developed from years as a life coach, dissertation supervisor, confidante and as a once struggling PhD student himself.

What he discovered was a massive contradiction between the principles that led to his own academic success and what is commonly taught and practiced.

This surprising contradiction motivated Dr Aygee to formulate a unique holistic educational system for dissertation completion to support you in navigating toward your goal of graduating faster and either starting or expanding your career with an advantage.

“I’m not here to help you get a certificate. I’m here to help normal people unleash their inner resources to reach levels of self-discovery, knowledge and transformation that will catapult them into environments where they will be known as contributors, creators and change agents who live satisfied and fulfilled lives.”– Dr Aygee


“I was overwhelmed by the PhD process. Balancing my lecturing responsibilities, family and still having me-time were important to me. Dr Aygee’s coaching helped me among other things with my mindset; to set a clear timeline; goal-setting without giving up time in my garden, having great parties and watching my 9 year old play soccer. I graduated in 2018. Yea!”

Dr. Ruby SK

Educational Psychologist, University of Johannesburg

I enrolled for my PhD in New Testament with NorthWest University in 2016 and completed my dissertation successfully in 2019 with a pass. My experience is worth telling. At first, I found it quite challenging to chart my path in a labyrinth of many ideas. Dr. Aldred Genade was not only my promoter but also walked alongside me as dissertation coach. This bonus service made my navigation into the thesis on Philippians 2:5-11 very exciting and fulfilling. His dexterity in mapping the course and direction of a thesis will make academic life exciting for a researcher”.

Dr. Lovejoy Chabata (Zimbabwe-graduated Nov 2019)

Business Consultant, LC Governance & Leadership Solutions

Online Coaching Resources

Critical Thinking eBook

Download this free resource and develop your critical thinking (requires your email address)

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Coming Soon! Another great FREE resource. Click notify me and we will email you as soon as this goes live.

Writers' Island Events

Escape with 11 other dissertation authors for 4 days of focused writing in a stress free environment— your (almost) every need will be attended to—and a finished chapter or a RP to boot

Your PhD Shouldn’t Take 8 Years (even with a full time job & family). Accelerate Your Completion With the Resources On This Site. Surprise Yourself.

The reasons for an (unnecessarily) prolonged PhD completion process vary. One person took 8 years because of systemic challenges linked to rotating supervisors. She had no control over that unfortunate situation and wisely  changed universities. For another client, 3 years became 5 because “life happens”. Nevertheless, there was a clear plan of action, refocus and it got done. Without panic, without overwhelm—just some readjustments and she finished her dissertation.  It’s about finishing. Quitting was not an option.

A clear plan, a support system and an encouraging environment  keep overwhelm, fear of failure and sense of shame at bay.  That’s what we hope you’ll find here.