Writers’ Island 2020

4 Events To SOLVE your Challenges in 4 Areas (South Africa ONLY at this stage)

There’s not a problem we have not helped solve. “One size fits all” does not exists. Based on experience we designed break-away events to help you break through, master and finish whatever is holding you back from being addressed as “Doctor”

What is Writers’ Island ?

It’s a training break-away designed to help you overcome whatever hurdle is delaying or postponing your graduation or professional career advancement. Your impediment (real or fictional) is silencing your voice from being heard within your discipline because you fear and (consequentially) fail to make public your ideas through journal articles, book chapters books.

 Panel Feedbacks

Feedback within an environment and from experts  and peers who believe you (your ideas) can succeed. Thus, a safe space to experimentally “make public” your ideas (hypotheses) and line of thinking about your subject area, journal topic or thesis.

Instantaneous Private Coaching

Each event is uniquely designed around the needs and levels of niche foci of the participants. We make every effort to contract in an expert within the fields of research represented by participants. This feedback and guidance are instantaneous and pro-you or pro-your-advancement.

Private Writing Sessions

This is why you come. Right?. Away from family demands and interruptions; supported by like-minded peers and immediate feedback personal coaching-that’s what this is about: YOUR SUCCESS. The 3WI events are designed to exploit the best of two needs: alone-time to write and a supportive environment with like-minded peers and supportive coaching.

Pricing &  Registration

In 2019 these 3 day events cost participants around R6000 (event only; excl flights/travel).