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These free resources are better than some paid stuff.

From a year-long e-course taking you step-by-step through the micro habits building process to free books, and free audio books, workbooks – everything you need to finish your PhD .. and beyond is here.

Best of all—it won’t cost you a cent.



'why' work book

Nietzsche said “he who has a why to live can bear almost any how”. This workbook, draws upon the work of Simon Sinek and will help you craft your WHY. Don’t start your PhD unless your Why is nailed down.


resilience book

Also known as “stickability”, the quality of resilience is what is most required in order to finish any project and especially one as complex and intensive as a PhD. It’s when the going gets tough, that the tough in you must get going. 

Resilience Audio

This is the audio version of the book. Why not get both? Listen to it while you drive. 

critical thinking: argue better. solve problems

Critical thinking is a vital skill not only for successfully completing a PhD but also to navigate life. Decisions, decisions, decisions. 


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